Being a writer is the very first thing I ever remember wanting to be as a child – I remember keeping countless journals and diaries lying around, writing in them religiously as a little kid. Even with my own horrendous illustrations. Everything from stories about me and my childhood best friend to how my favorite baseball team was doing filled the pages, and as I grew up, writing just became more natural to me.

Since my surgery in January, the question that continually popped into my head was, “Now what?” I had made this decision to change the entire course of my life, and it’s been the best choice I ever made, but there’s so many ways that I’ve been held back – whether it was myself or others actually doing the holding – and it’s time. This proverbial re-birth is the perfect opportunity to really come alive again – to heal from trauma, to reflect, to concentrate on health and wellness, and definitely to smile again. And, most importantly, to help others on their own paths.

I believe that healing begins from within, and that is often the biggest demon we have, and that our biggest source of power comes from each other. The only way we can conquer those demons is by forging friendships and reaching out to others who understand what we’re going through. I hope to share my experiences and offer encouragement to anyone having a hard time – whether it’s something as simple as just REALLY wanting that bowl of Cherry Garcia after a bad day, or something as complex and horrific as sexual abuse – someone out there cares.