Name: Nikki Lynn
Hometown: Apple Creek, OH
Current City: Fresno, CA


Topics: Gastric Bypass/WLS, low-carb recipes, dating, trauma, healing, DIY crafts and projects, extreme weight loss, politics, social issues

Fun Facts:
1.) After having my ears pierced at age 3, not more than a few months later, the post of the earring caught onto my pillowcase, my earring ripped right out of my ear. I now have a slit down the bottom of my right earlobe because it never healed back together.

2.) I was raised on the extreme conservative side – I was brought up Mennonite, and my hometown (who’s population is just over 1K) was right in the middle of Amish country. I was an only child and lived with my parents and grandmother. In contrast, I now live in a large city in California and am surrounded by nearly every kind of person you could imagine on a daily basis. I now live with my LGBTQ+ best friend and her mom, while my family is 2500 miles away. I have the unique perspective of being the kind of person who voted for George W. Bush in 2004, the first election I could vote in, but is now the type of person who voted for Obama. Twice. I am also a firm believer in Democracy and its place in our government. I welcome you to disagree with me – this discussion will never happen if both sides aren’t open. I am a registered Democrat, but was a registered Republican for nearly 10 years before.

3.) I was almost named Marcianne Leigh until my Great Aunt suggested that I may be called “Martian” in school. I am very grateful to my Aunt for this. Mom heard the name “Nikki” on a soap opera at the hospital and liked it – I’ve been “Nik” to everyone close to me ever since.

4.) I was a Psychology major in college. I have such a strong passion for the study of Psychology, and it’s something that I took to very easily – I could read textbooks for fun. The human mind’s way of processing emotions fascinates me.

5.) I love to cook. I used to love to cook things that were the opposite of healthy (my mac and cheese is still bomb, even if I can’t eat it anymore), but I’ve found that I love finding new healthy alternatives to old high-carb foods even more. I like to experiment, and I’ve even got a few recipes in the wings, ready to go! I hope to find a few winners!