“Just leave me alone with my thermometer and the one nostril I can breathe out of.”

GUYS. I miss you. I miss writing. I miss social media. I am not dead or dying (contrary to my whining to anyone who will listen 😂🙄🙈), just sick. Luckily, nothing serious or to do with my surgery, but my pouch is certainly more sensitive to vomiting than my stomach ever was, which has been an adjustment.

I’ve been sick for more than a week now, and while I’m definitely on the upswing (finally?!?), I am stuck at the bottom of a mountain of catching up. Also stuck at the bottom of a mountain of tissues – I’ve never seen so much grossness! I have exciting things going on here, and I will begin to ease myself back into the swing of my routine, starting with this post.

This may be short and sweet, but I do bring good news! I had my weigh-in with my surgeon the other day, and I have lost 80 pounds!! More where that came from, but that’s a story for later. 😉


So keep your eyes peeled! I’ll be right back with a ton more content that I’m so excited to share with you!!

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